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Traveling for a Rewarding Cause – Volunteer Abroad (Part I)

There is nothing more rewarding than volunteering abroad for a meaningful cause. Here are three fellow travel bloggers who gave their time for the pure good of children and wildlife.


“In the summer of 2015 I wanted to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I wanted to do some work that could have some impact in Malawi. For whatever the reason, Malawi was always a calling for me, and what better way to fulfill my dream than to actually volunteer there for 3 months?
Some years prior to that we visited Malawi on holiday and discovered this amazing place called Mayoka Village, followed them on facebook and when I needed it, it showed up to fill my dreams. That is how I got the perfect place to volunteer in Malawi. You see, Mayoka Village is nothing else than a Lodge, a great lodge with great people and two wonderful owners who have decided to create a school for their 3 kids and for Mayoka’s staff kids too. The deal is that you live there for at least 3 months (accommodation and food is paid) while you teach . In the school (which is bigger now) you will be accompanied by a local teacher: Madam Zione; there is not a large number of children. They love going to school but some of them have their challenges. I was by myself but I never felt alone. Mayoka is a family and as such you become a member the minute you step in. Being a teacher and a psychologist I loved my worked there, doing my best to get the best of every child and learning about them and myself in the process. Ever since I finished my volunteer project I can’t help to recommended to others and to think about my students and everyone I met every single day.”
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“2 years ago I headed to Chiang Mai in Thailand to volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park. It was the most incredible place and I felt so lucky getting to experience the incredible work they do first hand. The first day was spent with the founder of the park, Lek Chailert, who personally rescued many of the elephants at the sanctuary and has dedicated her life to the project. The rest of my time was filled with activities such as feeding and washing the elephants, tubing down the river that boarders the park and helping out at local, remote schools. I had to pay for my time there but accommodation and all food and drink was included so I felt like I got a pretty good deal, especially as the atmosphere and staff made the park such a great place to live.”
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“My life abroad first began volunteering at an orphanage in Honduras of 500 children. I started there with intentions of staying for 7 months, but fell in love with the children and ended up staying for 3 years. Life in Honduras taught me the value of learning from foreign cultures and people who live in a way different than myself. Since leaving the orphanage, I have continued to travel through 18 different countries on 4 continents”
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Continue the inspiration with Part II.

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