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Travel Christmas Ornament Obsession

To those of you who love to acquire things during your travels:

I would love to know, what do you collected from everywhere you go?!

Well for me I started stacking decks of cards, post cards, and flags when I was younger. As I grew throughout the years I had a bunch of those three things and realized I was no longer interested in them. I needed a new item to collect. Not just anything and not something that will clutter my desk and shelves. 

I figured out what I was going to collect! One Christmas when I was decorating the tree with my family, I thought to myself ‘how awesome would it be to have a Christmas tree filled of all the places I have traveled!’ So I began compiling! In the United States, I strive to get an ornament from every state I have been to which is most of them as of 2016. Then for the rest of the world I will get one from each country I have been to. Now I realize one day I may need 3 trees to fit them all or just one 10 foot tall tree might do! But we’ll figure that one out when the time comes. In the meantime, I am going to continue adding to the masses. 

When picking an ornament I am kind of picky. It has to have something memorable to the area on it and the year of when I went. I prefer it has the place on it too so I never get it mixed up or forget where it is from, but exceptions can be made if what is on it can’t be mistaken from another state or country (ie. The Eiffel tower, no one is mistaking that one!). I want to remember them all forever as they are all keys to unlock the ‘good times’.  

The other item I always take home with me too is currency. I just love all the colorful money around the world; it is all so unique. I do realize this one is a little more cliché and less original. Nonetheless, I still love it! You never know, one day I might have to cash it in! So I guess it’s like my back up’s back up cash fund…

In the comments I want to hear what you obtain along the way!!

Happy traveling and collecting <3
Oh Happy Holidays too!


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