About Me

Hey there!

Thanks for visiting! I will tell you a little bit about myself…


Born and raised in Pennsylvania, but I had always had the need to adventure and travel. After I graduated from East Stroudsburg University in 2014 with my Bachelors of Science in Biology, I began my journey. It started with a trip to Colorado, two cross country road trips, and a relocation for a job in Oregon all within 4 months after graduating.

I spent my last two years as a fisheries observer working on commercial fishing vessels taking biological data and living in Oregon. I absolutely love Oregon; I have traveled much of this beautiful state and plan to some more.

As I have traveled much of the United States throughout the years, I’m looking forward to some greater travel to come in the next year!

On this blog you will find posts about traveling, destinations, restaurants, bars, and food!

What is to come?:
Aug 14th – depart for Indonesia
Sept 13th – leave Indo and head to Nepal

~Kelsy Rushing