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Hungry in Brooklyn

The last week in September is such a delightful time to spend in New York State. Since we are from the East Coast we know how wonderful the autumn weather is after a hot summer, and we were relieved that the weather was similar to our mild Pacific Northwest coastal climate where we live now.

Following my good friend’s wedding at Mohonk Mountain House, we made our way to NYC. We had the pleasure of staying with Ben’s college friend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Williamsburg reminded us much of Portland, Oregon with it’s food and beer scene. 


Night One

For my first time staying in the area it was quite an experience and one I would do all over again. Just a few blocks away was a bar called Spuyten Duyvil. If you are looking for a fabulous beer selection and a private backyard spot to hangout then this is the place for you. Chalkboard filled menus aligned behind the bar displaying the numerous options for the night. My choice was Rainbow Road (guava saison) by J. Wakefield Brewing. Best decision ever! I could smell the guava before I even put my lips on the glass. A few steps and we were out back where there were tables placed around the open space; it’s an inviting place to drink a beer and chat with friends. I would definitely go back here again.

Hopping right next door to what I would call the best place to get a steak in NYC, St Anselm. The steaks come by themselves and sides are ordered separately which is actually pretty nice since the average person overeats when they are given a bunch of sides with their meal. The hanger steak was excellent and fairly priced. It laid on the plate perfectly done to a medium rare, all tender and juicy. It was heaven on a plate no doubt.  

Day Two 

The corner of the building divided the name right in half leaving sugar on one side and burg on the other. If you are looking for a place for brunch, Sugarburg has some delicious selections and the atmosphere of a Portland brunch spot. They even had a Full Sail, Oregon coaster on the table, I actually couldn’t believe it. Chicken and waffles meal comes with cinnamon honey butter and blueberries! Chicken and waffles is one of my favorite breakfasts. I would also suggest the biscuits and gravy and maybe adding an egg to that if you’re into all that.


Later we had the chance to hit Interboro, a two week old brewery where a friendly cat roams the floor. I had one hoppy lager and that was the first for me, it was called “Not Bad Beer”. I tasted the Indian Ladder Farmstead Cider; it wasn’t bad either even though it was a little tart for my taste. Their Premiere, an indian pale ale was my favorite and on the lighter side of things, but it was only sold in cans. I took a pack of four cans home with me since they were so good. For such a new brewery I would say they are not too shabby. And they have some real potential! 


Day Three

All I wanted was a NY bagel shop , since finding a decent bagel shop in Oregon is rough. Just a few blocks from the apartment again is a bagel shop called Bagelsmith. So many bagels and cream cheeses I almost couldn’t decide, so many options. Flavored cream cheese was a dollar extra compared to the regular cream cheese though. This bagel shop was good but any bagel shop in NYC will suffice if you don’t usually get good bagels.

blueberry-bagel bagelsmith

Just a classic slice pizza place, nothing too fancy was Joe’s pizza. Red sauce with globs of fresh mozz is all ya need. A quick stop and good prices, man do I miss that. This day we were kinda on the go and checking out a few local places with a friend.


Next. Do you want to sit next to some fish and order a pina colada? The semi-circular booth at The Commodore  is a comfortable spot to sit and chat with a few others. It looked like there were some sandwiches that I would have ordered too if I wasn’t so full on all the other food I gobbled down along the way.

It is time for happy hour at Skinny Dennis. You can’t beat a $3.00 a pint and a half (22 oz) of Coors Light. This bar had an old time jukebox and a bowling game that we realized wasn’t the most fun but was entertaining for only 25 cents. They also had Yuengling lager on tap which was an excitement for a Pennsylvanian girl visiting the east coast again.

Time to head back now

It is always an exhilarating time in the big apple. Until next time NYC and I hope to explore even more of Brooklyn when that comes. 



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