Disney World for Christmas!

This is the perfect post for my first Christmas Eve of blogging. I have asked my two beautiful cousins, Brittanie and Justine to write this guest post. They did an amazing job, so keep on reading and give them some HOLIDAY LOVE!
“When it comes to traveling our list is short, but when it comes to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida we could talk for hours, days, weeks, and usually do ramble on about something in relation on any given day. I have been there over a dozen times and my sister who is the “we” I will refer to even lived and worked down there. We have seen many seasons of weather in Disney and many seasons of Disney, but one of the top experiences is Christmas time in Disney World. 
By Justine Rushing
Disney World on its own is a marvelous and magical place for children and adults alike. The attention to detail, from the sights to the piped in smells, and phasing of the music, nothing is quite like it. And then you take Christmas. A twinkling, sparkling, loving holiday and mesh them together for nothing you have ever seen before.
So what in particular about this mash up is so amazing you sit there and wonder (if you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it)? 
Let’s start with Main Street USA. You see Cinderella’s Castle in all its magnificence there before you as you enter the park. It is a symbol of the name and so elegant and enticing. In itself it gives you a sense of awe and wonder. Then imagine Christmas added. The castle is strung with icicle lights on every single inch and its one of the most magical things to see light up. And to top it all of it snows on main street, who doesn’t like snow especially when you don’t have to experience the freezing temperatures that normally come with it or the disgusting after slush. It’s purely beautiful and magical.  


Magic Kingdom also gives you the delight of the special event “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.” Included in this magical experience is a special fireworks show, apple cider, and snowman sugar cookies! This occasion also guarantees you will see Minnie and Mickey in their Christmas outfits which is an extra special treat!! 
Let’s park jump to Epcot now. This is the closest we have gotten to seeing around the world. This park offers to you so many different cultures and traditions it’s the next best thing to actually being able to travel. The Christmas season is great here because you get to walk around the world showcase and experience not just the culture, but holiday traditions from around the world. There are yummy dessert treats to taste from these countries as well set up in stands in each country. It’s fun to eat what people around the world are eating at this magical time of year.  


No matter what park or what Disney resort you stop at during this time of year there are life size gingerbread houses and carousels. And the Christmas trees they are at each and every park and resort. They are the largest and most magnificent trees you will ever see. Nothing compares! Each is themed to match their locations in such an intricate way. Only Disney can have such detail. The ornaments, the lights, the garland all of it emulates the location the tree is set in. They encompass the cultures and they are so huge! Now the closer you go to Christmas day, the busier it gets so be prepared for lots of crowds and longer wait times. Even though it’s the busiest time of the year, it’s still worth it. Disney’s attention to detail is impeccable, but when it comes to decorating for holidays it’s amped up to new levels. From the wreaths hanging on light poles down to the treats you fill your belly with, they bring the Christmas spirit to you everywhere. The magic of Disney and the magic of Christmas is the greatest mixture you could ever have.” 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

LOVELOVE KELSY, Brittanie and Justine

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Photo by Justine Rushing


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