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A Guide to Savannah Georgia – Food and Fun

Savannah, Georgia! Where to begin right? Well in 3 days we ate tasty southern cuisine, paddled with the wildlife, and strolled around the city. It was a wonderful time and my favorite place during this trip!
We began our trip to South Carolina for a wedding and we had eight days during the last week in April. Any later into May and well through August, the south is bombed with humidity, heat, and bugs! So April is a very nice time to spend touring around the area. We decided during the trip to take some time out of South Carolina to see Savannah and boy oh boy am I glad we made that decision!! 
Ok ok shall we get to the good stuff?! I am going to lay it out day by day even though two of them are partial days, but it gives you a good reference on what you can do with your limited time in this beautiful town. I hope you love food, fun and the outdoors as much as I do.

UNO! Day 1

We stopped at Skidaway Island State Park on our way into Savannah. Spanish moss hung from some of the trees as we wandered along the sandy trails looking for wildlife. We found fiddler crabs and a few different species of birds. We accomplished the 3 trails that were all one mile each plus a ¼ mile of the last trail (which was a 3 mile loop). The whole park is flat and easy to see in less than a day (6 miles total). 
Next, it was hotel check in time. Now I am not writing this for a review or money or any other reason other than to help you out and give a reference point from our stay. We stayed at the Best Western right in the Savannah Historic District. It was so worth it to stay in downtown since walking to explore was something we were interested in doing. The hotel was very nice and we were pleased. Parking was in a parking lot across the street and it was an extra fee, so keep that in mind.  
Dinner time it was! I could not wait to try out the dishes at Jazz’d Tapas Bar. There is live music every night, but Monday. Their Mango Mojito was amazing, hint hint. By the way, do you know what tapas are?! They are smaller sized portions which allow you to try more food. That is what I am talking about, who’s with me?! So there is a pretty good deal on the menu, it’s called Tapas For Two! It is $65, and awesome for sharing between two people. It came with a soup or salad, then FOUR tapas and TWO desserts also includes soft drinks and coffee. Best decision of the night, I would say! Oh yea, and everything we picked off the menu was above and beyond spectacular! I would definitely go back to this place in the future. 

DOS! Day 2

April 25th 2016, a great day to wake up and take a walk on the beach. We jumped in the car and drove a few minutes to Tybee Island. They had a nice beach for walking (some jagged shells here and there in a few spots though) and some typical beachy shops. The new Baywatch movie was being filmed on half the beach when we were there, which I thought was funny. We were in the market for a nice towel (since we forgot to bring one) so we spent a little bit of time wondering around a few shops. With no luck of what we wanted we slipped into Sundae Café seeing that they had some good lunch specials. 
Kayaking! And a dolphin show of our own! There are a bunch of places that rent kayaks and jet skis and such, we picked one that we thought was the best price for a double kayak.  For 2 hours we had plenty of time to paddle out to the lighthouse in the middle of the water and then swoop over to the grasses. By the oyster beds and grasses we caught a glimpse of some sly Terrapin turtles. We were determined to find some more before turning around. Bird watching took place throughout our whole little adventure as well. Last but SOOOOO not least, 3 DOLPHINS playing in front of our kayak was the main excitement that day!! A free dolphin show right in front of us and it couldn’t have gotten any better than that. 
We caught site of Fort Pulaski National Monument on the way back to downtown and conveniently I had a few days left on my national park pass until it expired. So for us that day is was free; we were rushed being that it was almost closing time. It was a neat fort because it had a mote around it!! 
For dinner we wanted something a little lower key tonight since it had been a busy day. We walked a few blocks from the hotel right into the middle of Savannah. Zunzi’s for dinner it is! It was a small menu and a few tables located outside around the side. They had great friendly service and well prepared sandwiches. We shared a lasagna meal and a Conquistador sandwich, no regrets there.  
Full from dinner, but not too stuffed for dessert, we walked it off a few blocks to Lulu’s Chocolate Bar. Here I ordered a scrumptious fancy Chocolate Martini of some sort (they have sooo many options) and shared dessert. Some desserts are really good and others are just ehh, so you gotta pick the right ones. And I am a person who loves all desserts. The white chocolate-chocolate chip cheesecake I thought was more on the ehh side, but surprisingly I thought the flour-less chocolate torte was super great! 

Tres! Day 3

Main task of the day…go to the Wilkes House for lunch. Now this place is only open for lunch and it is family style. A bunch of people all sit at one table and it feels like Thanksgiving when they bring out plates and bowls filled of southern style food. And when you see the line you are going to think everyone is CrAzY, but it’s worth it I swear! The line may take 2 hours depending what time you get there, you might wanna go earlier than later. Be ready to make some friends since you are going to be standing outside for quite some time. 
Our last moments in town were spent strolling through the streets. We stumbled upon a park with a water fountain and some walking paths for passing through; here we took some photos of the scenery. We ran into others from our table here, everyone trying to walk off their smorgasbord lunches. 
On the way out of town we took a driving tour through the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. My one note to this is that we should have done it much earlier in the day. We would have probably seen more wildlife activity going on if we were the first ones in the morning. That being said we still saw many birds and 2 alligators! If you stop at the center on the way in they give you a bird list too . Don’t forget your binoculars! 


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